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Dedicated to a completist and philanthropist Georgy G.
Author’s Diary / Livre d'artiste; paper, digital printing, watercolor, ink; 43 x 30 cm (17 x 12 in).   2018

On the day of George's sudden death, the artist dug up 4 square meters of land and broke a flower bed. All actions: watering, processing of plants was performed manually.

... the artist takes care of the flowerbed, takes pictures of all the events, sketches 64 flowers blooming on the flowerbed, and keeps a diary...  attentively perceives everything that happens around the flower bed ... but, does not interfere ... as a result of this meditative, almost religious service, time ceases to be presented to the author in the form of separate cells-days, it turns into a universal calendar, where there are no numbers and months... Time turns into a continuous ribbon, intertwining into space and infinity…


Latin is a symbol of continuity. Language that always lives in the names of plants.

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