The work is dedicated to a completist and philanthropist Georgy G.
The work consists of three parts: COMMENTARIUS - Author’s Diary (Livre d'artiste, format A3: 43 x 30 sm); CALENDARIUS - Eternal Universal Calendar grid of 16 weeks (period of observation and care of the flowerbed) and CONTINUITAS - a sculptural and spatial composition that visualizes the process of time transition into space.

On the day of Georgy's sudden death, the artist dug up 4 square meters of ground and organized flowerbed. All actions: watering, handling of plants are carried out manually...
From April 30 to August 19 - 16 weeks - 112 days, the author takes care of the flowerbed, takes shots of all events, sketches 64 flowers blossoming in the flowerbed and keeps a Diary ... The artist carefully perceives everything that happens around the flowerbed .... But, does not interfere ...
As a result of this meditative, almost religious service time ceases to be presented to the author as separate cells-days, it transforms... First, in an uninterrupted calendar, where there are no numbers and months, the concept of the days of the week is also smeared ... Finally, time transforms into a continuous tape emerging into space and intertwisting into infinity.

Latin is a symbol of continuity. Language that always lives in the names of plants.

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